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5 Enduring Wedding Cake Trends

Just like in the world of high fashion, wedding cake trends come and go.  And nobody understands the biggest fashion trends better than the new Head of British Vogue, Chioma Nnadi.  So I really enjoyed listening to her on Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour this week where she discusses her inspiration, influences and what matters in her role. 


What really got me thinking is Chioma’s view that the “personal attachment you have to a certain style” is more important than any trend.


In the world of cake, we’re hearing a lot about Lambeth cakes.  Bows.  Black cakes. Metallic accents. Innovative flavours.  Even savoury cakes. 


And if that’s your bag, fantastic!  I love pushing the boundaries as much as the next cake designer. 


But for most couples, there are some trends that simply endure.  So here are the top 5 design elements my couples ask for ...  because, I believe, these are the designs that are standing the test of time and truly fit with the personal style of the bride and groom.  And that’s what really matters. 



1.     Flowers: Roses

It’s a rare wedding that doesn’t have flowers.  And the options are endless.  But more than any other, roses are the floral star on a wedding cake.  The twist of course is in the sheer variety on offer.  From a classic avalanche rose to intricate David Austin roses, through to tumbling wild roses.  Or put them all together for an explosion of floral interest.


Sugar roses
Hand-crafted avalanche roses with contrasting foliage


2.     Colours: Blush, pink and sage

Colour schemes are such a personal choice, and the theme or “vibe” of a wedding is totally unique to every couple.  For some people a burst of colour is key – while others want to keep it monochromatic. A wedding cake can be any of those things, and I have designed cakes in just about every colour of the rainbow.  That said, the number one colour choice I am asked to design for?  Pretty pinks, soft blush and contrasting sage. 

Blush and pink sugar roses
Blush, pink and sage - the most popular colour combination of all


3.     Finish: Clean lines

One of the things I love most about being a wedding cake designer is the sheer creativity of the medium.  It’s art – and it’s edible.  Textures and finishes can be applied in an almost infinite number of options, adding interest and creating totally unique designs.  That said, nothing beats simplicity … and the simple, clean lines of pure ivory cake cannot be beaten. 

Wedding cake
Simple and unadorned cake tiers create that "clean line" look


4.     Flavours: Classic

How a cake tastes is just as important as how it looks. And most couples want to make sure they have their own personal favourites – while pleasing their wedding guests at the same time.  So, you may want get really creative with your flavours, serving, say, a matcha or yuzu flavoured cake to your guests.  But the flavours I make most often?  You guessed it … vanilla, lemon and chocolate. 

Chocolate cake
Ever popular rich chocolate cake


5.     Shape: Round Tiers

There’s no rule that says your wedding cake has to have round tiers.  It’s such a personal choice and wholly related to the look you want to achieve.  There are many ways of taking your cake to another level – perhaps adding a separator tier, or a hexagon tier.  Square cakes are an option too.  But whether single or multiple tiers, round cakes remain ever popular.  Modern, elegant and beautiful … they create a stunning centrepiece for your wedding.


Wedding cake with round tiers
Round tiers are an enduring favorite

In my next blog: How to understand your wedding cake style – top tips on designing your wedding cake

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