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What's your wedding cake style?

My top tips on choosing your cake design



“I just don’t know what I want”.  I hear that so often and it’s not surprising really.  Your wedding cake needs to be perfect.  It’s such an important centrepiece for your day, not to mention the cake cutting moment … or the photos you’ll have for a lifetime. 


So how do you make sure you get it right? 


Here are my top tips to help guide you through the decision-making maze. 


Start with your non-negotiables

While your choice may seem infinite, there are always some parameters to help you start narrowing it down.  The number of guests is a great place to start.  Smaller weddings of, say, 20 guests, ideally suit single or 2 tier cakes.  200 guests?  Probably 4 to 5 tiers. 


The time of year can play a part too.  Buttercream cakes are pretty unstable in the heat.  So, if you’re getting married in July or August, and you don’t want your cake to melt, probably better to steer clear of a buttercream finish.


A colour you really love?  Or hate?  A favourite must-have cake flavour?  A design detail you absolutely want to include?  All these are great starting points. 


Inspiration and Influences

Sometimes you may just see something you love and, bingo!, that’s it.  But if not, I always recommend using Pinterest as a great source of inspiration.  No need to spend hours – just go with your gut and pin the cake ideas you really love. 


I also often recommend creating mood board – which doesn't have to be cake - it could contain just about anything.  Designs, colours, flowers, textures.  All of these will help your cake maker create a design based on influences you truly love. 


What’s your vibe? 

I’ll often advise couples to wait on finalising their cake design until the other major decisions are made. Colour scheme is a big one of course as you may want to colour co-ordinate your cake with the bridesmaid dresses.  Your wedding dress can really influence the design too – lace, sparkles, ruffles – can all be incorporated into your cake design.


Most importantly, what sort of “vibe” do you want at your wedding.  Laid back boho rustic? Elegant and sophisticated?  Colourful and fun?  According to this blog from The Knot, it’s all about the feeling that will “leave a lasting impression on guests” – and your cake should reflect that too. 


Work with a cake designer

Your wedding cake designer will lead you through the process and help bring your vision to life.  They will advise on what is – or isn’t - possible. 


You should also receive a drawing “mock up” of your cake.  This means you can truly visualise how it will look on the day.   I create all my designs digitally, which means we can quickly make design adjustments and take the decisions on what works best for you. 

Digital cake design
Wedding cake design, done digitally

And one last word of advice? Don't over think it. If you work with a really experienced cake artist, they will make sure it's perfect for you - and you have the all important "wow" moment on the day.


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